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Professional Flight Instructors


Bobby Sorrels

Introducing Bobby Sorrels, owner of Circle S Aviation and one of our esteemed pilot instructors. With an extensive background in aviation, Bobby has accumulated numerous years of flight experience, commanding large-scale aircraft for both commercial airlines and private corporations.


Kyle Gant

Introducing Kyle Gant, one of our instructors from Collierville, Tennessee. Possessing a deep-rooted passion for aviation, Kyle takes great pleasure in imparting his enthusiasm for flying to students, making him an exceptional flight instructor.


Brayden Hultman

Introducing Brayden Hultman, one of our distinguished pilot instructors from Memphis, Tennessee. Brayden holds certifications as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Commercial Multi-Engine pilot, and his aviation journey began at Airventure in Olive Branch. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a Business degree. Brayden's commitment to excellence and his passion for flying make him a valuable mentor for aspiring aviators seeking technical proficiency and a pathway to a career among the clouds.


Welsey Bolden

Introducing Wesley Bolden, an esteemed flight instructor at Circle S Aviation. With extensive expertise in aviation, Wesley takes great pleasure in imparting his knowledge to aspiring students, much like yourself. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled flight adventure that will leave a lasting impression.


Dawson Nicholson

Introducing Dawson Nicholson, a skilled pilot instructor on our team. Dawson originates from the beautiful Mississippi Delta and possesses an unwavering passion for aviation. His dedication to sharing the wonders of flight with students is what sets him apart as an exceptional flight instructor.

Image of Karlton Holcomb

Karlton Holcomb

Introducing Karlton Holcomb, one of our esteemed pilot instructors from Flora, Mississippi. With an aviation career spanning over five years, Karlton brings a wealth of experience to the cockpit. Holding a Commercial Pilot license for both single and multi-engine airplanes, Karlton's expertise extends beyond the ordinary. His skill set includes proficiency in high-performance, complex tailwheel aircraft and navigating the challenges of high-altitude flying. Karlton's dedication to safety and diverse flying background make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Welcome to Circle S Aviation, where soaring ambitions take flight under the expert guidance of our dedicated team of professional flight instructors. At Circle S, we believe that the journey to becoming a skilled pilot begins with exceptional instruction, and our cadre of experienced and passionate flight educators is committed to providing just that.

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