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Professional Instructors  

Our top notch crew members have garnered the highest awards in aeronautics in the nation, year after year.  Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.

At Circle S Aviation, our fleet is tested and upgraded constantly to ensure top safety precautions for your flight.

We are proud to boast we have a 100 percent pass rate, and will continue to ensure top notch training so you perform top notch on your checkride!​

Bobby Sorrels

Bobby Sorrels, Chairman of Circle S Aviation is 27 years of age with a total flight time of 6,600 hours of flight time and 3,500 hours of dual given.

Phone Number: (205)422-5721

Scott Sorrels

Scott Sorrels, CEO of Circle S Aviation  is currently 62 years of age, with endless experience. He has a total time of 30,000 plus hours been flying for just over 40 years. He is also an A&P IA.

Phone Number: (205)863-9656

Brayden Hultman

Brayden Hultman is 22 years old from Memphis Tennessee, and attends Mississippi State University. He has 500 hours total time and is excited to spread his knowledge about aviation with you. 


Karlton Holcomb

Karlton Holcomb is 21 years old and from Flora Mississippi, and attends Mississippi State University. Karlton is full of experience in a variety of different airplanes, he covers everything from tailwheel to high-performance! With a total time of 515 hours.


Coleman Kennedy

Coleman Kennedy, from Starkville Mississippi graduated from Delta State and is eager to teach you how to fly! He has a total time of 500 hours. His goal is to one day fly for the airlines. 



Andrew Castellanos

Andrew Castellanos is 24, and grew up all over the world moving place to place in a military family. Andrew graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in criminology. Andrews total time is 400 hours and has future goals of flying private jets.

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